Adam Schiff Just Stopped Trump And Devin Nunes From Hijacking Impeachment


House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff told Devin Nunes that he wouldn’t allow him to turn impeachment into a sham investigation of Joe Biden.

In a statement provided to PoliticusUSA, Chairman Schiff (D-CA) said:

The Committee is evaluating the Minority’s witness requests and will give due consideration to witnesses within the scope of the impeachment inquiry, as voted on by the House.


As we move into the open hearing phase of the inquiry, the Committee is mindful that we are engaged in a sober endeavor rooted in the Constitution to determine whether the President of the United States engaged in misconduct that warrants impeachment by the House.

This inquiry is not, and will not serve, however, as a vehicle to undertake the same sham investigations into the Bidens or 2016 that the President pressed Ukraine to conduct for his personal political benefit, or to facilitate the President’s effort to threaten, intimidate, and retaliate against the whistleblower who courageously raised the initial alarm.

Nunes’s impeachment witness list was a shadow investigation into the debunked Joe Biden and Ukraine 2016 election conspiracy theories that Trump has been pushing.

Trump and his stooges like Devin Nunes aren’t going to be allowed to turn impeachment into a circus. The House impeachment resolution clearly states that only witnesses who are related to Trump’s Ukraine call and shadow foreign policy will be allowed to testify.

Trump and Nunes tried to hijack impeachment, but they were stopped cold by Adam Schiff.

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