Trump Stalls And Says He Will Release Ukraine Call Transcript This Week

Trump said he would release the transcript of his first Ukraine call last week, but on Monday, he said it would be released this week.

Trump tweeted:

Trump’s “transcript” is almost sure not to be a transcript. The president continues to refer to the edited call summary of the second Ukraine call as a transcript when it is not. One should expect another edited call summary that Trump will immediately proclaim to be a transcript. The call that Trump claims we will all find so tantalizing will probably be another heavily edited attempt by the White House to fabricate evidence that clears Trump.

It doesn’t matter what Trump releases this week, or if he releases anything at all.
The evidence that already exists against Trump is overwhelming. There has not been a single that has come forward to testify on behalf of the president.

Donald Trump is trying to distract from the impeachment hearing by releasing another call. Trump’s shiny object strategy of distraction has not worked.

Nothing is more significant than impeachment, and 36 hours of public hearings are about to rock this president.

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