Adam Schiff Smacks Down Jim Jordan During Impeachment Hearing


Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) lied about Adam Schiff knowing the identity of the whistleblower, and Chairman Schiff smacked him down.

Here was the exchange:

Jordan: Mr. Chairman, do you anticipate when we would vote on that? I would like to ask a clarifying question. Do you anticipate when we might vote on the ability to have the whistle-blower in front of us, something you, the 435 members of Congress, you are the only member who knows who that individual is, and your staff is the only staff of any member of congress who has had a chance to talk with that individual. We would like that opportunity. When might that happen in this proceeding today?


Schiff: First, as the gentlemen knows, that’s a false statement. I do not know the identity of the whistle-blower and I’m determined to make sure the identity is protected. But as I said to Mr. Conway, you’ll have an opportunity after the witnesses have testified to make a motion to subpoena any witness and compel a vote.


Republicans put Jim Jordan on the Intelligence Committee to act as Trump’s ringer during the impeachment hearings and so far he is off to a terrible start. Rep. Schiff is more than ready for the lies that are being tossed out during the impeachment hearing to distract America from the potential crimes and criminal offenses of Donald Trump.

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