Trump Loses It And Attacks Mike Pence Staffer As A Never Trumper

The impeachment investigation is causing Trump to attack Vice President Pence’s special adviser on Europe and Russia, Jennifer Williams.

Trump tweeted:

Joyce Vance pointed out that Trump couldn’t refute anything that Williams might testify to:

Trump has expanded the definition of a Never Trumper to include who anyone who testifies in the impeachment investigation. A president attacking the vice president’s staff is a sign of an administration that is in total meltdown.

In what has become a common theme in the impeachment investigation, Williams is a career foreign service official. She testified that Trump’s requests to the Ukrainians were unusual and inappropriate, and according to the Intelligence Committee, she shed light on the motivations behind freezing the military aid to Ukraine.

Trump’s tweet was another example of witness intimidate. Williams will testify this week, so Trump took to Twitter to try to intimidate her before the nation is watching.

Trump is losing on impeachment. His Twitter account can’t defend him, and the increasingly unstable president is now attacking his own vice president’s staff.

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