Fox News Tells Trump He Committed Bribery And Will Be Impeached

Fox News’s Ken Starr gave Trump a dose of reality by making it clear that the President Of The United States will be impeached.

Starr said, “There will be articles of impeachment, I think we’ve known that. It was just confirmed today, and then substantively what we’ve heard from the chairman just now is it’s over. We now know, I mean this is his position, we now know that the president, in fact, committed the crime of bribery the something of value. That’s litigable, but articles of impeachment are being drawn up if they haven’t already been drawn up.”


Starr was describing Schiff’s position, but it was Fox News coverage not putting any spin on it. Even Fox News can’t make it look better for Trump. Donald Trump is going to be impeached. If he watched the coverage of Sondland’s testimony on Wednesday morning, even he is likely to have come to the conclusion that he is going to be impeached.

Fox News can’t sugarcoat it. Donald Trump is going to go down in history as an impeached president.

Rachel Maddow and MSNBC group.

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