IG Report That Trump Demanded On Russia Probe Is About To Backfire


The IG report that Trump demanded on the FBI’s launching of the Russia investigation debunks Trump and the GOP’s claims of FBI bias.

According to The New York Times:

At the same time, however, the report debunks a series of conspiracy theories and insinuations about the F.B.I. that Mr. Trump and his allies have put forward over the past two years, the people said, though they cautioned that the report is not complete. The New York Times has not reviewed the draft, which could contain other significant findings.



In particular, while Mr. Horowitz criticizes F.B.I. leadership for its handling of the highly fraught Russia investigation in some ways, he made no finding of politically biased actions by top officials Mr. Trump has vilified like the former F.B.I. director James B. Comey; Andrew G. McCabe, the former deputy who temporarily ran the bureau after the president fired Mr. Comey in 2017; and Peter Strzok, a former top counterintelligence agent.

Trump has been counting on the IG report to prove his conspiracy theories and claims that the Russia investigation is a “hoax” that was politically motivated by an intelligence community that Trump is convinced is out to get him.

The president wanted this IG investigation. It is part of his whole investigate the investigators campaign. The investigation has been done, and it found that Trump and his allies have no basis for their claims that there was some politically biased “deep state” conspiracy against this president.

The FBI was far from perfect, but Trump’s cover story for Russian election interference is about to be blown to shreds by the investigation that he demanded.

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