Trump Campaign Claims Fake Photo Of Ripped President Is Real

The Trump campaign is claiming that the fake photo that Trump shared with his head on Sylvester Stallone’s body is real.

Here is Trump’s original tweet:

Here is the poster for Stallone in Rocky III:

As you can see, Trump’s head has been photoshopped on to Stallone’s body. It is obvious that the picture is a fake because Donald Trump doesn’t exercise, and there is no way to look like that without exercise, and a boatload of steroids, but that is a different story.

The Trump campaign responded to getting called out for the fake picture, by attacking media for calling out the fake:

Again, the 73-year-old president believes that exercise uses up the body’s energy and kills you faster. He recently made a mysterious unannounced trip to Walter Reed for surprise tests on a Saturday. Donald Trump is not the picture of health and wellness.

The sensitivity of the campaign to questions about Trump’s age and health is a 2020 red flag. They know that Trump likely has some health problems, and they are going to absurd lengths to cover them up and pass him off as healthier than he probably is. The word probably has to be used because the president has not released any of his health records, and everything that has been publicly stated in the past was a lie.

The reason so many people describe the president and his followers as a cult is that when they are presented with visual proof of a Trump lie, they always choose to believe Trump instead of their own eyes.

Trump supporters can’t be converted. They must be defeated.

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