Everything That Trump Has Told Us About His Health Is A Lie

Trump has gone beyond keeping his health a secret. Everything that he has told the American people about his health is a lie.

NBC’s Heidi Przybyla and Steve Kornacki summed up how little we know about Trump’s health:

Kornacki asked, “Now we say how much do we know about the health of Donald Trump? We had this letter from the lawyer and we had this statement from Dr. Jackson in the white house. How much do we actually know?”

Przybyla answered, “Really one of those irony is dead moments, Steve, considering how much fake — actual fake news was fanned about Hillary Clinton’s health during the campaign. As you rightly pointed out in the introduction there, Donald Trump did put out that letter which said he was astonishingly healthy. He was amazingly healthy. But in Hillary Clinton’s letter, she actually had real details. She shared with us her hypothyroidism, her seasonal allergies. I think we even got a look at her mammogram. Now to find out that this was fabricated or manufactured by the Trump campaign, the answer to your question is we really don’t know much that this doctor now is acknowledging that the president basically dictated it to him. At the time we were told they even had a limo waiting downstairs for the letter and it was done in about five minutes’ time. ”

There is no reason to believe anything that Trump has said about his health

The letter from his doctor was a fake. There are massive doubts about Ronny Jackson’s physical that he supposedly performed on Trump. There has still not been any medical records or independent examination of this president. Hillary Clinton was punished for telling the truth and releasing her medical records, while Trump was rewarded for lying. It is the story of the entire presidential campaign.

It wasn’t irony that got Trump elected. It was the media and a sizable number of voters giving him a free pass.

Trump lied and there were no consequences.

The American people still know nothing about Trump’s health, because what they have been told is a lie.

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