Disgusting Republican Tries To Get Impeachment Witnesses To Say Who They Voted For

In a disgraceful moment, Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA) tried to get impeachment witnesses to publicly show who they voted for in 2016.

The exchange:

McClintock: Thank you, Mr. Chairman. Could I be, just with a show of hands, how many on the panel actually voted for Donald Trump in 2016?

A: I don’t think we are obligated to say anything about how we cast our ballots.

McClintock: Just show of hands.

A: I will not —

McClintock: I think you have made your positions clear, Professor Karlan.

Chairman Nadler: We will suspend the clock too.

Karlan: I have a right to cast a ballot.

McClintock: Let me rephrase the question. How many of you support it?

Nadler: The gentleman may ask the question. The witnesses don’t have to respond.

McClintock: How many of you supported Donald Trump in 2016? Show of hands.

A: Not raising our hands is not an indication of an answer, sir.


Republicans were suggesting that voters no longer have the right to a secret ballot and that the only credible witnesses on impeachment are those who support Donald Trump. The law professors are constitutional experts. They are more than able to separate their testimony from who they voted for.

The Republican behavior at the Judiciary Committee hearing has ranged from embarrassing to disgraceful. The Republican members of the committee have gone to extreme lengths to avoid discussing any facts while attempting to smear the witnesses.

McClintock’s question was stomach-turning because it was un-American and illustrated the Republican willingness to violate democracy to protect Donald Trump.

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