New Wisconsin Poll Shows Only Joe Biden Beating Trump

A new poll of Wisconsin shows only Joe Biden out of the Democratic nomination contenders beating Trump in a potential general election matchup.

Here are the numbers:

The race in the Wisconsin Democratic primary:

Democrats need to prepare themselves because incumbent presidents are difficult to beat. There is a reason why only two incumbent presidents in the last forty years have lost their elections for a second term. Trump is in a uniquely bad position, but his base doesn’t move. Trump will not be defeated easily.

Biden has a clear upper hand in general election matchups, and in the Democratic primary. If the nominee is going to be someone other than the former vice president, one of the other candidates will have to show a level of consistency and support that hasn’t been seen since the former vice president entered the race.

Some Democrats keep waiting for Biden’s support to collapse, but there is growing evidence that Biden’s supporters aren’t going anywhere.

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