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Trump Is Personally Humiliated By Being Impeached

Donald Trump definitely does not want to be impeached and he feels humiliation over the black mark that will forever be associated with his name.

As reported in The New York Times, “But he nurses resentment over the red mark about to be tattooed on his page in the history books as only the third president in American history to be impeached. No matter what some of his critics say, advisers said he genuinely does not want to be impeached, viewing it as a personal humiliation. Even in private, he accepts no blame and expresses no regret, but he rails against the enemies he sees all around him.”

For those who think that impeachment is worthless, Donald Trump doesn’t agree. Beyond the partisanship is the fact that for the rest of history, when the Trump presidency is discussed, and it is a pretty safe bet that it won’t be talked about often, the term impeached will be beside Donald Trump’s name.

Trump could have easily avoided impeachment by not abusing his power to try to get foreign election interference to help him in 2020. Impeachment wasn’t forced on Donald Trump by others. Trump brought impeachment on to himself.

Donald Trump is humiliated by impeachment. The Senate outcome doesn’t matter. Trump has felt the sting of punishment for his abuse of power and obstruction. Impeachment is already a success because this president is being held accountable.

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