Trump Admits He Doesn’t Want A Fair Senate Trial Even If America Does

Donald Trump dropped a Christmas Eve Twitter bomb on Tuesday, all but admitting that he knows the public wants a fair trial with witnesses – but he doesn’t care.

In a two-part tweet, the president of the United States said, “Everything we’re seeing from Speaker Pelosi and Senator Schumer suggests that they’re in real doubt about the evidence they’ve brought forth so far not being good enough.”

He added, “The only way to make this work is to mount some kind of public pressure to demand witnesses, but McConnell has the votes and he can run this trial anyway he wants to.”

Democrats, not Trump and McConnell, have public opinion in their corner

There are two important points when it comes to how the public views impeachment and the potential trial in the Senate.

First, polling shows that a majority not only supports impeaching Donald Trump, but they believe he should be removed from office altogether.

Second, whether or not Trump is ultimately removed from office, an even larger majority – about 70 percent – believes there should be more witnesses in the Senate trial.

By trying to push McConnell into holding an impartial Senate proceeding, not a show trial, Pelosi isn’t going against public opinion. Trump might not want a real trial, but America does.

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