Trump Launched Iran Attack To Distract From Impeachment

Trump is tweeting about impeachment as he escalated tensions with Iran and pushed the United States closer to an expanded war in the Middle East.

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While the official administration line is that Iran posed an imminent threat to American lives in Iraq, Trump’s tweets show that his mind is still locked on impeachment.

Trump tweeted:

Because Trump doesn’t do subtle, this is pinned to the top of his Twitter account:

Trump is trying to distract from impeachment by ordering the killing of Iran’s top general. The warning has existed from those who know him, that if Trump ever felt cornered as president, he would do something desperate and extreme that would jeopardize American lives and national security.

The president has played his most desperate card in a bid to redefine himself as a wartime president instead of an impeached president.

This is an epic political miscalculation by Trump, as the anti-war position of the nation has not changed. The conflict with Iran has the potential to make the Iraq war look like a child’s Sunday afternoon at the playground.

A war with Iran will cost Trump the election, as the president is risking American lives to save his political career.

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