Unwell Trump Rants About The Song YMCA At The White House


Donald Trump went off on a rant and claimed nobody remembers the name NAFTA, which is why he named his trade deal after the Village People’s YMCA.

Trump said, “I’m good at names. USMCA. Like the song “YMCA.” Now everybody says it. They don’t remember the previous name of the bad deal. Commonly known as NAFTA.”



Trump thinks that he is good at names in the same way that a toddler thinks that they are good at hide and seek when they put their fingers over their eyes. USMCA is not a good name for a trade deal. Trump hasn’t come up with a good name for either his programs or his political opponents since he was a candidate. Trump is still trying to make “Sleepy” Joe a thing, even though Biden is more active in a day than Trump is in a month.

The president is clearly not well. He sounded drugged as he slurred his words, snorted, and breathed heavily during his statement on Iran.

Trump has blown past the standard of not presidential behavior and descended to not normal human behavior.

The White House won’t tell the American people, but there is overwhelming circumstantial evidence that something appears to be wrong with this president.

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