Trump Melts Down Over Having Witnesses At His Impeachment Trial

Trump did the Twitter equivalent of stomping his feet and holding his breath over the fact that there might be witnesses at his impeachment trial.

Trump tweeted:

The president lied. The House wanted John Bolton to testify, just as they wanted White House officials like Mick Mulvaney and Mike Pompeo to testify, but each witness was blocked from testifying by Trump.

Trump’s fit came after his son, Donald Trump Jr. threatened Republican Senators who will be voting to have witnesses at Trump’s impeachment trial.

Donald Trump isn’t going to get the sham impeachment trial that he was hoping for. If witnesses are called, the trial could last for weeks or months depending on if the president tries to block the witnesses from appearing.

Trump is acting out because he is scared. He thought he was getting a sham trial. Instead, he is facing the prospect of those from within his own administration telling the truth, under the threat of felony perjury, about his crimes.

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