Trump’s Nightmare Worsens As 72% Demand Trial Witnesses


Trump’s sham impeachment trial has turned into a nightmare as a new poll reveals that 72% of Americans want impeachment witnesses.

A new Reuters/Ipsos poll found:

The poll showed that Republicans and Democrats want to see people like Bolton and Pompeo tell the Senate what they know about the administration’s policies in Ukraine.


About 72% agreed that the trial “should allow witnesses with firsthand knowledge of the impeachment charges to testify,” including 84% of Democrats and 69% of Republicans. And 70% of the public, including 80% of Democrats and 73% of Republicans, said senators should “act as impartial jurors” during the trial.

About 40% of Americans said they had a favorable view of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, while 60% said they have an unfavorable view of him.

Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer explained on Wednesday that public pressure is getting to vulnerable incumbent Republican Senators who are up for reelection who are then pressuring Mitch McConnell for changes in the trial. Large majorities of Republicans and Democrats want to see witnesses testify at Trump’s trial.

The American people aren’t going to be satisfied with a sham that sweeps impeachment under the rug. Substantial majorities on both sides of the aisle want a real trial with evidence and witnesses.

The pressure is growing on Senate Republicans. Democrats are close to having the votes that they need to pass a resolution calling witnesses. Voters aren’t going to forget what McConnell and his party are trying to do, and they aren’t allowing them to get away with a show trial for Donald Trump.

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