Thanks Obama, Obamacare Would Make The Coronavirus Vaccine Free

Trump doesn’t know this, but the coronavirus vaccine would be free under a provision in the Affordable Care Act.

According to Business Insider:

A little-known provision of Obamacare would likely make any coronavirus vaccine free for most people with health insurance. Plus, the law expanded insurance coverage for roughly 20 million Americans and widened access to medical care. Those components underscore the law’s broad reach across the healthcare sector and its potential to form a pillar in a federal strategy to combat the spread of a deadly, unknown disease.

“There’s an important link between broader healthcare policies like the Affordable Care Act and responding to a potential public health emergency like this virus,” Larry Levitt, the executive vice president for health policy at the Kaiser Family Foundation, told Business Insider.

Obama was a change president, who has left a lasting legacy of improving the lives of millions of Americans. Trump has tried to undo the Obama legacy. In fact, the entire purpose of his administration is to erase the Obama presidency.

The coronavirus is providing another reminder of why Trump and the Republicans must not be allowed to destroy the Affordable Care Act.

Even though he has been out of office for years, Barack Obama still has your back.

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