Trump won't commit to canceling his rallies due to coronavirus

Trump Mocks Biden And Sanders While Refusing To Cancel His Rallies

Trump mocked Biden and Sanders by saying that it didn’t matter if they held rallies, but he refused to commit to canceling his rallies.

Trump said at the White House, “I think the Democrats won’t be having rallies but nobody showed up to their rallies anyway, so what difference does it make. My rallies are very big. They’re very big rallies. We’ll be making a decision at the appropriate time. I mean, the next one scheduled is for the 25th, and that’s in Tampa. But we’ll have to see whether or not we do. No, I’m not going to do it if I think it’s going to be negative at all. If we haven’t made that turn yet. We’ll make the turn. The question is when. And the question is how many people will die? And I don’t want people dying. That’s what I’m all about.”


If Trump was really about people not dying, he would be taking steps to get more testing kits into the field than pushing for oil company bailouts and payroll tax cuts.

Any other president would have set an example for the country by canceling their large gatherings first, but Donald Trump is refusing to cancel his rallies even as states are banning gatherings of more than 250 people.

The Democratic candidates have outdrawn Trump on the campaign trail. Trump has been quietly booking smaller venues than he used in 2016.

Trump is failing to lead on the coronavirus, as mocking of the Democratic candidates is not an answer to a pandemic.

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