Nancy Pelosi Masterfully Stops Thomas Massie From Blocking Coronavirus Aid Bill

Speaker Nancy Pelosi used her magic minute power to hold the House floor to stop Rep. Thomas Massie from blocking the coronavirus aid bill.

Video of Pelosi holding the House floor and urging her colleagues to come in:

Speaker Pelosi, as a House leader, has magic minute powers, which allow her to speak on the House floor for as long as she wants without having to filibuster. Pelosi took to the floor and masterfully used her power to give enough members the time they needed to arrive so that a quorum could be present. With a quorum present, the House can pass the coronavirus aid bill by unanimous consent, which is a quick voice vote.

As journalists noted, Pelosi denied Massie the chance to block the bill:

Speaker Pelosi is the best elected leader in American politics. While Trump was threatening to kick Massie out of the Republican Party, Nancy Pelosi was getting the job done to make sure that the coronavirus stimulus bill was not delayed.

Pelosi is a hero, and her intelligence and effective use of power should be celebrated for getting a bill quickly passed that the American people desperately need.

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