Trump’s New Bad Coronavirus Idea Is To Quarantine States

Trump says he wants to impose a two-week federal quarantine on some states as his part of his scheme to downplay the spread of the coronavirus.

Trump said before heading to Virginia to wave goodbye to a ship, “Some people would like to see New York quarantined because it’s a hotspot — New York, New Jersey maybe one or two other places, certain parts of Connecticut quarantined. I’m thinking about that right now. We might not have to do it, but there’s a possibility that sometime today we’ll do a quarantine — short term — two weeks for New York, probably New Jersey, certain parts of Connecticut.”

Trump was asked, “Restrict travel from those places?”

He answered, “Restrict travel because they’re having problems down in Florida. A lot of New Yorkers going down. We don’t want that.”


The virus isn’t being spread by people traveling in and out of the New York area. It was already in Florida. The coronavirus is already everywhere. The federal effort should be on preventing it from spreading more in communities and supporting the economic and medical crisis in states and localities.

Trump is trying to minimize the coronavirus as part of his harebrained and deadly scheme to “reopen the economy.”

It is a bad idea that is also too little too late.

As usual, Trump is too slow to act, and the action that he is taking is way behind the realities of the coronavirus epidemic.

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