Trump Is Helping Big Oil As Hospitals Beg For Supplies

Hospitals, doctors, and nurses are begging for supplies, but Donald Trump is trying to help the oil and natural gas industry.

Trump tweeted:

The big concern for doctors, nurses, and hospitals as they are exposed to coronavirus over and over again due to a lack of protective equipment is the plight of the oil and natural gas industries.

The United States is in the early stages of catastrophic public health emergency and Donald Trump is still pretending like all that matters is saving the economy. The economy will not come back as long as Americans are sick and dying from the coronavirus.

Immediate economic aid for those who are being impacted by the pandemic is vital, but things like saving sectors of the economy can definitely wait until after the coronavirus outbreak has been brought under control.

The only thing that Trump should be doing is fighting the public health crisis. Instead, he seems to be doing everything, but focusing on the coronavirus.

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