Jared Kushner Changes Website Language To Deny States Medical Supplies

Jared Kushner has changed the language on the Strategic National Stockpile website to reflect his belief that the National Stockpile is not for the states.

Daniel Dale of CNN tweeted a before and after of the changed website:

Kushner and Trump are trying to deny the states federal resources so that they can pass the blame on to governors for coronavirus deaths and the economic collapse that is unfolding.

The idea that Trump can win reelection by blaming the states for him abandoning his duties as president is a fantasy, but all of the moves that Trump and his son in law are making are designed to distance Trump from his responsibility in the crisis.

The Kushner claim that the national stockpile is not for the states is absurd because states are part of the country. The name of our nation is the United States of America.

Kushner isn’t running the coronavirus response to save lives. He is conducting a Trump reelection survival operation. Jared Kushner knows nothing about medicine or pandemics. His main duty in running the coronavirus response is to blame the states and save Donald Trump.

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