Trump Is Crashing And Burning With His Own Supporters In New Coronavirus Poll

The number of Trump voters who say that he was unprepared for the coronavirus has jumped 17 points to 40% of his supporters in the past week.

A new daily tracking poll from Navigator Research found:

– 40% of 2016 Trump voters say the president did not take coronavirus seriously enough early in the crisis, up 17 points since early last week.

– 66% of independents and 66% of Americans overall say the same, a 10-point increase from last week.

– 53% of Trump voters say Trump got it “about right” initially, down 7 points. 1% say he overreacted.

Here is the chart showing the growing discontent of Trump voters:

Trump’s overall job approval rating has settled back to very close to its normal net negative range of (-5). Trump’s approval rating is split 47%/52%.

As the crisis deepens, Trump’s numbers are worsening. Trump voters believing that he was unprepared for the virus is not the same as a statement that they will not be voting for him in November, but for a candidate who became president based on 80,000 votes in three states, the argument that he was unprepared for the worst public health crisis to hit the country in the last century creates a huge opening for Joe Biden to swing enough of those voters to make Trump a one-term president.

Trump’s numbers are bad. The Trump bump was a mirage, and it possible that his approval numbers could hit George W. Bush during the financial crisis lows in the months to come.

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