Trump Falls Apart When Asked To React To Biden’s Economic Plan

When he was asked an actual policy question about Joe Biden’s economic plan, Trump collapsed and claimed that Biden copied him.

Trump said, “He plagiarized from me, but he can never pull it off. He likes plagiarizing. It’s a plan that is very radical left, but he said the right things, because he’s copying what I’ve done. But the difference is he can’t do it, and he knows he’s not doing that. It can’t be the same because he’s raising taxes way too much. He’s raising everybody’s taxes. He’s also putting tremendous amounts of regulations back on. And those two things are two primary reasons that I created the greatest economy we’ve ever had. And now we’re creating it again. Okay?”


The economy that Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and the American people built is in the dumpster because of Trump’s tax cuts for the wealthy, cutting regulations, and botching of the pandemic. Joe Biden has an actual economic plan. You can read it.

Trump has no economic plan, and when he promised that he would emphasize buy America, he instantaneously broke his promise.

There is no Trump plan. Trump has no agenda for his second term, and his claim that Biden copied from him is another trick of a pathological cheater who is trying to dupe the American people into giving him a second term.