Kayleigh McEnany Tries To Discredit The Mueller Investigation As A Waste of America’s Time

Kayleigh McEnany has claimed that the Russia investigation was a waste of the country’s time and that it was based on a hoax. She was responding to an op-ed from Robert Mueller.

The former Special Counsel wrote an article in The Washington Post defending his probe. He also criticized the President for commuting Roger Stone’s sentence.

The White House Press Secretary spoke to Fox News on Wednesday and highlighted “the fact that he had to defend his taxpayer-wasted investigation on taxpayer dollars, millions and millions wasted on a Russia hoax theory that found no collusion.”

“What did Robert Mueller have to do to justify his investigation, a waste of taxpayer dollars, a waste of America’s time?” she asked.

“He had to come up with process crimes which is exactly what was done in the case of Roger Stone.”

Stone was convicted by a jury on seven counts and sentenced to three years in prison. President Trump and his allies have maintained that Stone was railroaded.

“Adam Schiff was actually right,” McEnany went on. “We do have a two-tiered justice system, he was just wrong on the facts.”

“The two-tiered justice system completely discriminates against the Trump administration.”

By contrast, Mueller has pointed out that “the special counsel’s office identified two principal operations directed at our election: hacking and dumping Clinton campaign emails, and an online social media campaign to disparage the Democratic candidate.”

“Stone was prosecuted and convicted because he committed federal crimes. He remains a convicted felon, and rightly so.”

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