Trump claims that he accomplished more in three and a half years than any other president

Trump Says He Has Accomplished More Than Any Other President In Disastrous Briefing

Trump claimed that he accomplished more in his first three and a half years than any other president in history during a disastrous coronavirus briefing.

Trump said:

I think the American people will judge us on this. They will judge us on the economy that I created and already we’re creating we’re setting record job numbers, as you know I think we’ll have a very strong year next year I think we’ll have a strong third quarter. A very good fourth quarter I think next year will be a record year. I think they will judge me on that. I think they’re going to judge me the tax-cutting and regulation nobody has ever done to the extent we have been able to do it on rebuilding the military and how we handled the VA. Nobody thought that would be possible it’s been many decades they can go get a doctor if they have to wait in line for two weeks or five weeks or two days.


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I don’t think any administration, any president has accomplished so much as we have accomplished.


It is difficult for any president to accomplish as little as Trump has in three and a half years. Trump has one major piece of legislation, and that is a reviled tax cut for the wealthy and corporations. Trump has unleashed a pandemic that has killed hundreds of thousands of Americans, trashed the economy, made the United States a global laughingstock, and left the country worse off than it was when he took office.

Trump has been a disaster, and his claim of accomplishing more than any other president was a delusional fantasy that voters aren’t buying.

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