Obama Triggers A Trump Meltdown With New Support For Biden


Trump is spending the workday melting down over a new burst of support from Barack Obama for his former vice president Joe Biden.

Trump tweeted:

None of what Trump said is true. Obama refused to endorse anyone during the primaries because he didn’t want to tip the scales. He thought that Democratic voters should decide, and Democratic primary voters overwhelmingly chose Joe Biden.


Obama and Biden doing a terrible job were not the reason that Trump was elected. Trump is still confusing an election that he lost the popular vote by 2.9 million votes with an overwhelming mandate. Trump was elected due to Russian interference in the campaign on his behalf and sexism against Hillary Clinton that added up to a fluke 77,000 vote victory in three states.

Trump is so scared of Obama that even the mention of the former presidents sends him off into a delusional rage. Trump is both jealous and terrified of Barack Obama.

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