Trump Tantrums About Biden’s Energy As Questions Swirl About His Health

Trump tried to claim that Joe Biden lacks the energy to be president, while questions are growing about his own health.

Trump tweeted:

The President’s tweet was classic Trump projection. After a new book reported that Trump’s emergency visit to Walter Reed was for a serious procedure, speculation grew that the President had a stroke. Trump responded to the speculation with an angry tweet, and a note from his doctor that only made the situation worse by stating that Trump didn’t have a stroke, but not saying why he was rushed to the hospital.

As a candidate, Trump could get away with trying to move the focus to his opponent, but as a president, the standard is much higher. The American people need to know if the person occupying the Oval Office is healthy, especially when they are deciding the question of whether or not to give him four more years in office.

Rage tweeting didn’t work. The note from his doctor didn’t work, so Trump is trying to raise questions about Joe Biden’s energy. Biden can drink a glass of water, walk down a ramp, gives speeches like the recent one in Pittsburgh, and walk up steps without nearly falling down, so his “energy” is running circles around Donald Trump.