Trump Crashes And Burns In Minnesota As Joe Biden Leads By 9

Trump thought that he could flip Minnesota, but new polling shows that he is losing the state by nine points to former vice president Joe Biden.

A new ABC 6 News poll conducted by SurveyUSA found:

– Biden voters appear more motivated. Among those who are 100% certain to vote, Joe leads by 13.

– Among those who are likely to vote, but not 100% certain, Trump leads by 9.

– Among those who will vote in person, on Election Day, Trump leads by 27 points.

– Among those who will vote early, by mail-in absentee ballot, Biden leads by 55 points.

President Trump has traditionally held an advantage over all Democratic challengers — Who is stronger on the economy? — today, the two candidates run effectively even, Biden 45%, Trump 43%


Trump’s Net Favorability Rating among all registered voters in MN is Minus 14. 39% of voters view the 45th President favorably, 53% view him unfavorably. Biden’s Net Favorability Rating is Plus 1. 42% of voters view Biden favorably, 41% unfavorably.

Trump needs to find states that he can flip, because Joe Biden is leading Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Arizona. Trump currently leads in zero states that Hillary Clinton carried in 2016. If Trump can’t flip some of the states that Clinton won, and Biden picks off three of the states that Trump carried, the President will be denied a path to 270 Electoral College votes.

Donald Trump’s response to the killing of George Floyd and his law and order claims appear to be hurting him in Minnesota, and without flipping Minnesota, Trump may have no path negate the loss of states that flip back to Biden.

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