Trump Death Cult Road Show Hits Florida With No Masks Or Distancing

Donald Trump brought his super spreader rallies to Florida where there were no masks or social distancing.

The scene in Florida:

Gov. Ron DeSantis was running around high fiving people like COVID doesn’t exist:

Judging from their behavior at Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearing, and Trump’s arrival in Florida, the Republican strategy for the homestretch of the election is to pretend like the coronavirus doesn’t exist, as Trump is set to play pandemic Johnny Appleseed and spread illness and death all across America.

Trump’s Republican Party is a death cult. It is a natural evolution from being a party of science and fact deniers to becoming a party that actively spreads death through their denial of reality. Trump isn’t going to be able to save his campaign with a few weeks of COVID spreading rallies, especially as the economic recovery is running out of steam while more Americans get sick.

The self-described party of life has become Trump’s party of death.

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