Democrats Get A Big Win As Texas Supreme Court Denies GOP Petition To Toss Out 100K Votes

The Texas State Supreme Court has denied a Republican petition to toss out over 100,000 votes in Harris County that were cast through drive-thru voting.

The ruling:

The Texas Tribune reported that Republicans are trying to get a last-minute ruling in federal court, “The Republicans plaintiffs, however, are pursuing a similar lawsuit in federal court, hoping to get the votes thrown out by arguing that drive-thru voting violates the U.S. constitution. A hearing in that case is set for Monday morning in a Houston-based federal district court, one day before Election Day. A rejection of the votes would constitute a monumental disenfranchisement of voters — drive-thru ballots account for about 10% of all in-person ballots cast during early voting in Harris County.”

The drive-thru voting system was designed with Republican election officials in the state. The case shows how far Republicans are willing to go to disenfranchise voters in the new swing state of Texas.

Trump’s victory in the Lone Star State is far from a sure thing, which is why his supporters have resorted to intimidation tactics that border on domestic terrorism like trying to run a Biden/Harris campaign bus off of the road.

It is possible that Joe Biden could win Texas. A new voter wave is sweeping the state and shattering turnout records, which is why Republicans are trying to toss out ballots to save Donald Trump.

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