Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly Want the FBI to Oversee Counting on Final Ballots

Donald Trump is not having a good day. He felt much better about things on Tuesday night before the counting of the ballots that had been received by mail. But now he’s in full feral mode and attacking everyone and everything.

And as always, he’s being egged on and encouraged by his friends at Fox News. On his Wednesday radio show, Sean Hannity invited Bill O’Reilly on his show to discuss how, the election is being taken away from Trump.

Hannity began by asking his guest if he thought the election had been fair.

Well, I’d want somebody to investigate it,” O’Reilly replied. “So I think federal agents should be there now in Detroit and Philadelphia and Las Vegas and they should be looking at the complaints that the Trump campaign was denied access to see the mail-in ballots, there should be FBI agents there now. Why wait a week? This is when it’s happening so why isn’t that happening? I mean I think America.”

The two men then discussed Rudy Giuliani‘s recent campaign stunt. The former New York City Mayor introduced  a man to the press who claimed that he was turned away from being a Pennsylvania poll watcher.

O’Reilly claimed that he “wasn’t a conspiracy guy,” before bring up a conspiracy theory. He told Hannity, “I don’t think there is one person who voted for Donald Trump that thinks there wasn’t chicanery in Las Vegas or Philadelphia or Detroit.”

Listen to the inteview below, courtesy of Fox radio