WATCH: Fox’s Roberts Says Even if Trump Is Losing, It Seems Like He’s Winning

There are people on Fox News that are seen as hyper-partisan. Among them, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Jeanine Pirro, Laura Ingraham. Then there are the more straight news reporters like Chris Wallace, Martha McCallum and Bret Baier.

For most of his career, John Roberts has been seen as one of those more straight news, down the line reporters. But he has not exactly seemed to be non-partisan in the last week. This continued on Friday when he said that even if Trump is losing, it seems like he’s winning.

During a spot with Chris Wallace today, Roberts claimed, “I imagine the first questions would be about where he is in terms of if he is going to continue to fight this battle to try to unearth new votes that could turn around the current vote count or if he will concede. The president does seem though in a way, Chris, to be winning, even as he is losing in the current vote count because for his diehard fans, he is trying to make the case that he didn’t really lose the election, that it was taken from him. “

This is the second time Roberts has faced controversy over a report this week. Earlier this week, he said on air, “The anger out there in these red states is so deep and palpabale that GOP legislators may have a difficult time seating Biden electors.

Roberts was slammed for the comments by multiple pundits online. He later said that he was not making his own judgement.

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