Trump Fails Again As Judge Throws Out Sidney Powell’s Lawsuit To Decertify Georgia Election

A federal judge tossed out Sidney Powell’s lawsuit attempting to decertify Joe Biden’s victory in Georgia’s presidential election.

According to Law & Crime:

The relief that the plaintiffs seek, this court cannot grant,” U.S. District Judge Timothy C. Batten ruled from the bench after a roughly hourlong hearing, where he called “the most extraordinary relief ever sought” for an election in a court.

Judge Batten, a conservative judge appointed by George W. Bush, noted that allowing the case to stand would amount to “judicial activism,” as it requested relief far beyond his power.

Courts have made two points to Donald Trump and his allies over and over again. The courts have repeatedly stated that they will not engage in judicial activism and overturn the will of the people to keep Trump in office, and they have also stressed that if a remedy is to be sought, action must be taken quickly.

Trump and his pals can’t wait until after he has lost the election to try to get the courts to cancel the results and keep him in the White House. That is not the way our system of checks and balances works.

Donald Trump can’t get the election decertified. The lawsuits have been embarrassingly weak. Trump’s argument is that he doesn’t like the election results so he wants them tossed out.

The long and absurd tantrum discussed as an election challenge is coming to an end.

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