Trump Is The Biggest Loser As All 3 Of His Supreme Court Justices Voted Against Him

All three of Trump’s nominated Supreme Court justices voted against him on the Texas lawsuit to overturn the election.

Republican Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska noted in a statement that none of Trump’s picks sided with him:

Trump and his supporters thought that Trump owned the Supreme Court. Trump has been calling the justices that he nominated his justices, but the Supreme Court belongs to no president. Only those who were severely deluded by Trump’s Twitter account and conservative media ever thought that the Texas lawsuit had a chance.

The Texas/Trump lawsuit was so wacky and out of line with American democratic principles that not a single Supreme Court justice voted to hear the case. Thomas and Alito issued a joint statement saying that they would have allowed the complaint to be filed but granted no relief, and they voted against Trump.

The final vote was 9-0. Over the past month, Donald Trump has cemented his legacy as the biggest loser in US presidential history.

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