Jim Jordan Believes Matt Gaetz But Not Sexually Abused Ohio State Wrestlers

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) voiced his support for Rep. Matt Gaetz in a way that he has never expressed support for Ohio State wrestlers who were sexually abused on his watch.

Jordan voiced his support for Gaetz:

Six former Ohio State wrestlers have said that Jordan knew about the sexual abuse in the wrestling program when he was a coach there, but Jordan has consistently denied that the abuse ever happened. The former captain of the Ohio State team has said that he has proof that Jordan covered up the abuse.

Rep. Jordan has privately pressured sex abuse witnesses to take back their allegations, and it has been reported that Jordan called Ohio state wrestlers crying and begging them to lie and cover up the scandal.

The fact that Jim Jordan believes Matt Gaetz suggests that Gaetz probably belongs in prison.

Rep. Jordan provided more support to Gaetz than he has ever provided to the Ohio State wrestlers that he failed to protect.

Justice might be coming for Matt Gaetz, and one has to believe that someday it will also come knocking at the door of Jim Jordan.

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