Former OSU Wrestling Captain Says He Has Proof That Jim Jordan Covered Up Sex Abuse Scandal

A former wrestling captain for Ohio State University testified last week that GOP Rep. Jim Jordan – one of Donald Trump’s top defenders in Congress – cried and urged him to lie about an OSU sexual abuse scandal.

As PoliticusUSA’s Jason Easley noted, “Adam DiSabato told the Ohio House that Rep. Jim Jordan knew about the OSU wrestling sexual abuse and begged him to lie about it.”

During an appearance on MSNBC on Saturday, DiSabato said he has “specific evidence” that Jordan was part of the cover up and more is likely to come out in the future.

He points to a series of calls from Jordan as exhibit A that the Ohio Republican knew about the abuse and was trying to cover it up to protect his political career.

He repeatedly called me that week,” DiSabato said of Jim Jordan. “So, you know, it wasn’t like he just called me once. He called me several times.”


The exchange:

REID: Is there specific evidence that you have or that you or others that were victims or connected to victims at Ohio State have that Jordan himself knew about the abuse that was taking place?

DISABATO: Yes. I mean, the fact that he called me on the Fourth of July. I haven’t talked to this guy in, you know — the last time I saw him was at my teammate Kevin Randleman’s funeral. And Kevin Randleman was a captain as well. And if he was alive, he’d be sitting here next to me, you know, with the same story, because he was adamant against it as well. So, you know, to keep denying it is just digging himself a bigger hole. If he would have just came out at the beginning and said, ‘Hey, you know, our superiors did nothing,’ then I wouldn’t be here right now. You think I want to be here?

REID: What is it that he wanted you to do? Do you get the sense the reason congressman Jordan called you is that he was worried about the OSU scandal affecting his re-election? Affecting his campaigns?

DISABATO: Of course. Who calls somebody on the Fourth of July, I’m in Las Vegas, Las Vegas time it’s 8:00 in the morning, so he’s — he knows that, and he’s calling me first thing in the morning. I just got there on a flight. I just — I didn’t even know about the story really because I was flying to Las Vegas. … And we’re sitting at breakfast and I get a call from a Dayton number. And I look down and I’m like, I pick it up and it’s Jim Jordan. So I excuse myself from the table. There’s people there that, you know, will account for that as well. So all this stuff and then he repeatedly called me that week. So, you know, it wasn’t like he just called me once. He called me several times.

Jim Jordan has no business being a member of Congress

The fact that Jim Jordan sought to cover up a sexual abuse scandal at Ohio State University is appalling, but it’s not surprising.

After all, for the past three years, Jordan has been a key figure in the Republican Party’s efforts to cover up for another sexual predator, Donald Trump, as he repeatedly abuses his office for personal gain.

It’s the reason why one of the largest newspapers in Ohio called Jordan the “second most contemptible human being in the entire U.S. government” in a blistering op-ed published late last year.

Jim Jordan shouldn’t just be held accountable for covering up sexual abuse at OSU, but voters should send him packing in November. He has no business being a member of Congress.

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