Democrats Are Rolling As Bernie Sanders Endorses Biden’s $3.5 Trillion Infrastructure Plan

Senate Democrats look unified behind President Biden‘s $3.5 trillion human infrastructure plan, as progressive and moderates have yet to voice opposition.

Sen. Bernie Sanders Gives $3.5 Trillion Human Infrastructure Bill A Thumbs Up

CNN’s Manu Raju tweeted Sen. Sanders’s reaction:

Sen. Sanders has become pragmatic while working with the Biden administration. For years, the criticism of Sen. Sanders was that he was an ideologue who put perfection ahead of results, but the Senator from Vermont seems to have shifted his focus and now has an emphasis on advancing the progressive agenda and getting things done.

Moderate Senate Democrats Are Also On Board With The Plan

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) hasn’t voiced any opposition to the plan but has stressed that he wants to see it paid for.  Interestingly, Manchin hasn’t ruled out supporting the reconciliation bill if it is not one hundred percent paid for.

The mainstream media is hyping up the drama of will Democrats be able to stay together on the reconciliation bill, but that may be empty summer fluff. It appears that Democrats have already agreed on the main points. All that remains is that the bells and whistles be added.

By Labor Day, Democrats may have sent a historic infrastructure bill to President Biden’s desk, as Democrats are staying together while Republicans are feuding with each other over getting vaccinated.