WATCH: Joe Biden Smacks Down Peter Doocy’s Latest Gotcha Question Attempt

Peter Doocy often makes a spectacle of himself during the daily White House press briefing. The Fox News reporter often needles Jen Psaki with annoying gotcha questions. Psaki regularly goes viral with her takedowns of the ridiculous queries.

Today, Doocy tried to do the same thing with Joe Biden. The President, however, had little patience for the Fox reporter and shot him down while walking off stage.

In Mid-May, Biden told Americans, “If you are fully vaccinated, you no longer need to wear a mask. Get vaccinated — or wear a mask until you do.”

Doocy, angered over new CDC mask recommendations, asked Biden, “In May you made it sound like the vaccine was to lose the mask forever.”

Biden responded, “That was true at the time. I thought people would understand that getting vaccinated made a gigantic difference. What happened was a new variant came along, they didn’t get vaccinated, it spread more rapidly and people are getting sick. That’s the difference.”

A large percentage of those people who are getting sick are in red state areas rife with misinformation. And a large percentage of that misinformation comes from channels like Fox News.

Watch a clip of the exchange below: