Vaccinated Sean Hannity Melts Down Because Biden Won’t Let Him Kill His Viewers With COVID

Vaccinated Sean Hannity accused Biden of smearing the unvaccinated and engaging in “medical tyranny.”


Hannity said, “Joe Biden tonight refused to accept any blame for his own failures, refused to admit his monumental shortcomings and instead tried to shame unvaccinated Americans, lecture them and smear them and Republican governors who value freedom, autonomy, medical privacy, and doctor-patient confidentiality and reject medical tyranny. “

Hannity is accusing Biden of medical tyranny by trying to keep people like Sean Hannity from killing his viewers with COVID misinformation and anti-vaccine rhetoric. Hannity doesn’t realize that he won’t have a show left if all of his viewers get COVID and die.

Joe Biden has gotten 173 million Americans vaccinated in a matter of months. Biden has cut the COVID death rate by 70%. President Biden has not failed America. People like Sean Hannity have failed and continue to fail America.

Biden has the legal authority to do what he is doing. This is not medical tyranny but an effort to save lives from Fox News disinformation.