Kevin McCarthy Is Getting Scared As His Red Wave Turns Blue

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has gone from predicting a 2010 style red wave to claiming that Democrats are rigging the midterm election.

Video of McCarthy:

Rep. McCarthy (R-CA) said on Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures:

Remember what else is happening now, redistricting as we watch what happens in New York. So egregious that forever gerrymandering will be known as Jerry Nadler’s district. They are actually taking who they want. They will steal another four seats, and the reason why Pelosi announced she will run and now they are stealing elections in different places by redistricting and gerrymandering these, she believes she can win even though overwhelmingly the public says they want a change. They want to secure border and inflation with safe and secure streets, but the Democratic policies are causing most of the problems. 

McCarthy later expanded on his claim that Democrats are stealing the 2022 midterm election, “ You had Eric Holder and Barack Obama going to the last decade and run Democrats left-leaning Democrats or state supreme court, and they are upholding this egregious maps, even the left-leaning Brennan Center says it’s wrong. No one stands with this map except the Democrats, and, interestingly, they started doing the extreme gerrymandering after Nancy Pelosi announced she would run for reelection. They cannot win on merit and policies, so now they want to rig the system to be able to keep control of the power.”

Kevin McCarthy Is Getting Scared Because Democratic Odds Are Improving In The Midterm Election

Republicans have seen courts throw out their gerrymandered maps in Ohio and North Carolina, with the Democratic majority Pennsylvania Supreme Court set to settle a map dispute in the Keystone State.

With the economy booming and COVID cases declining, the political climate that McCarthy was counting on to power a red wave in November is evaporating.

Democrats now have an even chance of keeping the House.

McCarthy’s claim that Democrats are rigging the midterm is false.

Kevin McCarthy is a weak leader who put all of his chips on Trump and voter anger.

McCarthy is making excuses because Democrats could keep the House, and even if they don’t, the new Republican majority could be small and far from a red wave.

Democrats aren’t cheating. Kevin McCarthy is failing.