Biden Explains In 1 Minute How The West Is Beating Putin

In Poland, President Biden expressed the belief that Putin’s strategy for winning in Ukraine has failed because NATO is united.


President Biden said:

One of the things that I thanked the President for downstairs, the single most important criteria in this time of a changing world, so much is changing. Not just here, but another part of the world is that NATO  stay absolutely, completely, thoroughly united and let there be no separation in our points of view that whatever we do, we do in unison and everyone, everyone comes along.

 I am confident that Vladimir Putin was counting on being able to divide NATO, to be able to separate the eastern flank from the west, being able to separate nations based on past histories, but he hasn’t been able to do it. We’ve all stayed together, and so I just think it’s so important that we, Poland and the United States, keep in lockstep in how we’re proceeding.

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Biden Is Beating Putin By Keeping NATO Together

The Russians are losing territory in Ukraine, and the war is turning because first and foremost, the Ukrainians are putting up an amazing fight, but also because Biden has led the west in giving the Ukrainians the aid and assistance that they need to be successful.

The President was correct. Putin never expected a strong and united NATO to confront him. The Russian dictator’s fundamental miscalculation was to not see that the United States had changed after Biden’s election.

Putin seems to still have been working under his assumptions from when Trump was in office.

Vladimir Putin’s miscalculation and potential underestimation of Biden is how the President is beating the Russians through coalition building and diplomacy.

Biden explains the importance of NATO sticking together in Poland
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