Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Confirmation To Be Bipartisan As Susan Collins Will Vote Yes

Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) has announced that she will vote to confirm Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court.

Via: The New York Times:

“I have decided to support the confirmation of Judge Jackson to be a member of the Supreme Court,” Ms. Collins said in an interview after the meeting.

“In recent years, senators on both sides of the aisle have gotten away from what I perceive to be the appropriate process for evaluating judicial nominees,” she said. “In my view, the role under the Constitution assigned to the Senate is to look at the credentials, experience, and qualifications of the nominee. It is not to assess whether a nominee reflects the individual ideology of a senator or would vote exactly as an individual senator would want.”

Senate Republicans were attempting to make Jackson’s confirmation a partisan issue with bogus allegations that Judge Jackson was soft on child predators. The door is now open for someone like Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska to also support the nomination, although it is unclear that she will.

Jackson already had the support of every Democratic Senator, so she was going to be confirmed.

Susan Collins can’t erase her support for Brett Kavanaugh with this vote, but she is correct in this situation. There is nothing in Judge Jackson’s outstanding record to suggest that she should not be confirmed.

Senate Republicans have failed as Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Supreme Court confirmation will be bipartisan.