Jim Jordan babbles about gas prices when asked about 1/6 hearings

A Terrified Jim Jordan Babbles About Gas Prices When Asked About The 1/6 Committee

Last updated on September 25th, 2023 at 02:35 pm

Even when asked a leading question by Maria Bartiromo on Fox about the 1/6 hearing, Jim Jordan changed the subject.


Jordan was asked by Maria Bartiromo what we learned from the 1/6 Committee:

I don’t think we knew anything knew — learned anything new. They had the foreman head of the ABC News as the price of this thing. But I don’t think we learned anything new even with thousands of hours of testimony, no ability for Republicans to do any type of cross-examination, I still don’t think there was anything new there.

You know, it’s kind of like the home team playing at home and the ref’s on their side, and they still can’t one the game. That was sort of my takeaway, and the American people are focused on the things you just mentioned, $5 gas, 41-year high inflation, a border that’s no longer a border, and crime that’s on the rise in every major urban area in this country. 

The game plan for Rep. Jordan and other House Republicans is clearly to deflect and claim that there is nothing new in the 1/6 hearings while they loudly complain about the hearings being so well put together and produced.

Jordan and other Republicans in the House are worried about the hearings, which is why they keep trying so hard to convince the American people that they don’t need to watch them.

The idea that people aren’t watching or don’t care was shattering was shattered by the TV ratings for the first night.

Republicans like Jim Jordan are so scared of what the hearings reveal that they won’t acknowledge or dispute any of the information. They stick to their stale talking points and change the subject ASAP.


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