Dr. Oz Caught On Video Calling For Higher Food Prices

Dr. Oz was caught on video suggesting that food should be unsubsidized so that prices are higher and people eat less.



Pennsylvania Democratic  US Senate candidate Lt. Gov. John Fetterman responded in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA:

While PA families are struggling with inflation, Dr. Oz says meat should cost $90 a pound and we should be paying higher prices for food. How out of touch can you be?

Maybe someone who owns 10 mansions can afford $90 hamburgers, but the average Pennsylvanian can’t. This is worse than just being a candidate who has no real solutions – Oz is so disconnected from what regular Pennsylvanians are going through every day that he wants to make things even harder.

Unlike Dr. Oz, I know how rising costs are squeezing Pennsylvania’s working families, because I see it myself every time I go to Aldi’s or Giant Eagle. When I go to Washington, I have a plan to take on inflation and will lead the fight to bring down prices. We need bold action NOW to make more stuff in America, fix our broken supply chains, and take on corporate greed to bring down the cost of everything for everyone.

The sloppiness of the Republican Party under Donald Trump has become astounding. There was a time when the GOP would not have ever supported a flawed candidate with so many videos of terrible statements floating around.

Fetterman was correct. Dr. Oz doesn’t care about the people of Pennsylvania. He doesn’t understand the voters that he is courting and their needs or wants do not matter to him.

The media and Republicans are smearing Fetterman due to his stroke, but Dr. Oz is indefensible. 

Oz wants people to pay more money for food is the perfect message to sum up with Pennsylvania voters should reject him.