Trump Turns On Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump, And Fox News As His Collapse Worsens

Trump has been on a Christmas rage bender on his social media company which now includes Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump, and Fox News.

Trump is lashing out over his family and media coverage on Truth Social:

So funny to read and hear the Fake News political pundits saying that “Trump isn’t working too hard on his campaign. This is not a good sign, maybe he’s giving up (even though I’m leading BIG in the Polls!). What they don’t say is that, “WE HAVE ALMOST TWO YEARS TO GO.” The Rallies will be bigger and better than ever (because our Country is going to Hell), but it’s a little bit early, don’t you think?


Contrary to Fake News reporting, I never asked Jared or Ivanka to be part of the 2024 Campaign for President and, in fact, specifically asked them not to do it – too mean and nasty with the Fake & Corrupt News and having to deal with some absolutely horrendous SleazeBags in the world of politics, and beyond. There has never been anything like this “ride” before, and they should not be further subjected to it. I ran twice, getting millions more Votes the second time (RIGGED), & am doing it again!

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Let’s translate. Trump is mad at Fox News because they no longer make him the center of their coverage. He is trying to damage control because Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump want nothing to do with his 2024 run, and he is trying to cover for the fact that he thought he could prevent a DOJ criminal indictment by announcing his campaign by announcing early.

Trump thought that he would have some sort of immunity from a DOJ indictment, but he was completely wrong. Merrick Garland responded to Trump by announcing the appointment of Special Counsel Jack Smith.

Donald Trump’s moves accelerated the DOJ’s investigations of him, as Special Counsel Smith has had his foot on the legal accelerator. 

Trump is having a complete days long meltdown as his campaign announcement flopped. He is getting zero mainstream media coverage, and the law is on his trail.

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