Fani Willis announces that an arrest warrant has been issued for Donald Trump.

Fani Willis Just Ripped Jim Jordan

District Attorney Fani Willis slammed Rep. Jim Jordan and said he was unconstitutionally trying to obstruct her RICO case against Donald Trump.

Willis wrote to Jordan in part:

The demands in your letter—and your efforts at intruding upon the State of Georgia’s criminal authority—violate constitutional principles of federalism. Criminal prosecutions under state law are primarily the responsibility of state governments.

Chairman Jordan, I tell people often ‘deal with reality or reality will deal with you.’ It is time that you deal with some basic realities. A Special Purpose Grand Jury made up of everyday citizens investigated for 10 months and made recommendations to me. A further reality is that a grand jury of completely different Fulton County citizens found probable cause against the defendants named in the indictment for RICO violations and various other felonies. Face this reality, Chairman Jordan: the select group of defendants who you fret over in my jurisdiction are like every other defendant, entitled to no worse or better treatment than any other American citizen.

Your letter makes clear that you lack a basic understanding of the law, its practice, and the ethical obligations of attorneys generally and prosecutors specifically.

Willis’s letter tells Jordan that his actions are unconstitutional and that he is attempting to obstruct her investigation.

In order words, Fani Willis told Jim Jordan to go pound sand.

He has no jurisdiction or authority to demand anything from her, and he will be getting absolutely nothing.

House Judiciary Chair Jordan is trying to obstruct the investigation. He is also attempting to get information that he can turn over to Donald Trump to help with his defense.

Jim Jordan has been warned that a member of Congress who uses their position to meddle in a criminal investigation is committing a crime. 

Rep. Jordan is trying to obstruct Trump’s RICO case, and DA Fani Willis is having none of it.



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