Adam Schiff blasts Kevin McCarthy for suggesting that he be expelled from Congress.

Adam Schiff Takes Down Steve Garvey As Soon As He Enters The California Senate Race

Steve Garvey, the former LA Dodgers legend/Republican paternity lawsuit machine, was immediately called out by Rep. Adam Schiff as soon as he entered the California US Senate race.

Schiff tweeted:

It would be inaccurate to say that Steve Garvey has no chance of being elected to the US Senate in California, but his odds are very small. Garvey is no Arnold Schwarzenegger. Garvey was charged, although the charges were later dismissed, with false advertising by the Federal Trade Commission for claims that were made about a weight loss drug. Steve Garvey is most famous outside of baseball for the paternity suits filed against him for fathering multiple children out of wedlock, even though he is a ‘family values Republican.’

Steve Garvey is the type of candidate that Donald Trump’s Republican Party comes up with. He is a wealthy celebrity, unqualified, and out of step with the vast majority of his potential constituents, but Republicans hope that he can win based on his fame.

California’s open primaries attract all sorts of candidates, but Democrats seem prepared to ensure voters aren’t fooled by a right-wing celebrity like Steve Garvey.

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