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L.A. County Clerk Dismisses Poll Worker Who Showed Up Wearing Trump Merchandise

The Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk confirmed that a man who worked during the California recall effort who showed up to his post wearing Trump merchandise has been dismissed.  “The election worker was contacted and advised that the attire was inappropriate and unacceptable,” the county clerk’s office tweeted. “Based on his response and reports that other…

Fox and Friends and Larry Elder

The Hosts of “Fox and Friends” Are Pushing Bogus Voter Fraud Claims Ahead of California’s Recall Election

The hosts of “Fox and Friends” are pushing unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud ahead of California’s recall election, which will determine whether incumbent Governor Gavin Newsom will remain in office amid conservative backlash against Covid-19 restrictions. “The degradation of that state under his [Newsom’s] leadership is really quite apparent,” one of the hosts said during…


Trump Administration Rejects California’s Request for Disaster Relief to Tackle Wildfires

The Trump administration has rejected California’s request for disaster relief funds to tackle wildfires and to help residents displaced by a string of fires that have impacted the state. “The request for a Major Presidential Disaster Declaration for early September fires has been denied by the federal administration,” said Brian Ferguson, a spokesman for the…

Trump Press Conference Mail In Voting Meltdown

Trump Tells GOP to “Fight Hard” After California Orders Republicans to Stop Using Illegal Ballot Collection Containers

President Donald Trump encouraged Republicans to “fight hard” after California’s attorney general and chief elections officer order GOP officials to stop using private ballot collection containers that had been marked as “official” dropboxes to collect ballots. “They have been taking advantage of the system for years!” the president alleged. Fight hard Republicans. They have been…


Three Republican Groups Sue California Governor Over Vote-by-Mail Initiative

The Republican National Committee (RNC), the National Republican Congressional Committee, and the California Republican Party filed a joint lawsuit against California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) over his executive orders to use mail-in ballots for the November election. “Democrats continue to use this pandemic as a ploy to implement their partisan election agenda, and Governor Newsom’s…


California Democrats Declare War on Donald Trump

Now that the California Republican Party is dead, Democrats in the Golden State have decided to declare war on President Donald Trump. After their massive state-wide victories in the November 6 midterm elections Democrats returned to the state capitol in Sacramento with both a strong mandate and a clear mission: to fight everything President Donald…


The California Republican Party Is Now Dead

The California Republican Party is now dead. The most recent evidence of this appeared last night as California Democrats completed their sweep of the congressional delegation in Orange County. Democrat Gil Cisneros defeated Young Kim, a Republican, to capture a fourth seat in a county that had once been one of the most conservative in the…


California Shows Blue States Can Be Fiscally Responsible

There is an ongoing political debate in the United States about which political party is more fiscally responsible.  Historically Republicans claimed they were, because they believed in lower taxes and lower spending.  They accused Democrats of being the “tax and spend” party, and this attack line helped the GOP take political control of Congress, the…


California Democrats Show Republicans What Good Government Looks Like

There is one example of a state that leads the nation in economic growth, job creation, and the ability to govern for all the people. This week, in a seriously stunning editorial by a very conservative newspaper they readily admit and praise California with its Democratic super-majority and governor as the model the rest of the nation and Republicans in Congress should follow.


During Severe Drought San Francisco Catholics Soak The Homeless Who Are Seeking Shelter

In a conscientious city like San Francisco, water conservation measures are taken very seriously by businesses and residents alike; except for the San Francisco Archdiocese led by embattled Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone. The latest outrage, and it is a monumental outrage on humanitarian and water conservation terms, against the Archdiocese is the harshest criticism for installing a watering system to drench the homeless to prevent them from sleeping in doorways around the sanctuary at St. Mary’s Cathedral.


President Obama Single-Handedly Protects Americans’ Health and Combats Climate Change

Now, every Republican and related conservative is under the illusion that providing for the general welfare means providing for the fossil fuel industry, corporations, the wealthy, Christian clergy, and financial sector’s general welfare, but that is not what the Founding Fathers or the first four American presidents believed; neither does President Barack Obama.


Jerry Brown Soars to Record Approval Rating and Enormous Lead Over Republican Challengers

  Yesterday’s California Field Poll is full of good news for Democratic Governor Jerry Brown. Republicans on the other hand, have little to celebrate, given that the poll shows the Republican gubernatorial field getting annihilated by Brown.  Brown leads all three hypothetical Republican opponents combined by a 52-23 margin. While Brown tallies 52 percent support…

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