Media Intentionally Hides Republicans’ Economic Failures And Democrats’ Success

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There was a time when the media, once called the Fourth Estate, was tasked with reporting the facts and truth to “comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable” with the goal of providing a voice for the powerless masses. Of course those days are long gone. In fact, the converse is particularly true in 21st Century America.  It is likely that because American media is owned and operated by the comfortable, and that afflicted Americans are incapable of comprehending that Republicans actively work against their best interests, journalists report anything but the glaring truth; Republican policies are failures and the reason the number of “afflicted” Americans is growing. It is true that Republican policies are why Americans are rapidly losing economic ground to the few wealthy elites, but the media is not only culpable, they are facilitating this country’s slide into oligarchy by perpetually campaigning for the rich and powerful.

It is interesting to see the media give inordinate attention to public figures intent on demeaning the President of the United States by questioning his love for America instead of why Republican-led states are in debt and cutting services for their residents. This is particularly true of Sunday political programs that provide some Americans with the only ‘news’ about their politicians’ viewpoints and opinions on why their constituents are suffering. However, the majority of Americans get their news from local sources that are as beholden to corporate advertising as the major networks pandering to conservative economic ideology. Democrats are just as guilty of failing to cite Republicans’ economic failings in states they control and it certainly contributes to why voters sat out the last midterm elections; they were unaware why their states are in economic distress or how to correct the problem. A problem, by the way, that a majority of Americans actually know exactly what it takes to correct.

The really sad fact is that there is an abundance of empirical data proving that every state controlled by Republicans is suffering economically, and conversely how Democratically-controlled states are succeeding and leading the nation in economic growth. However, these statistics never make the evening news, or Sunday political talk shows and it is further proof that the media is actively campaigning to impose conservative economic failings on the entire population. In what is a telling narrative, recent polling demonstrates that Americans overwhelmingly agree with the economic policies that allow Democratic states to grow their economies, pay down Republican debt and deficits, and create jobs. It is likely why the media is concealing the key to Blue states’ success; taxing the rich and investing in people.

A recent Associated Press-GfK poll that found that the majority of Americans agree with President Obama’s proposal to raise taxes on the richest income earners. This is a stark contrast to the economic policies being imposed in Republican states, or proposed by Koch Republicans in  Congress, cutting taxes on the rich and raising them on the poor and middle class. Republicans continue to claim, like they have for over thirty years, that cutting taxes on the rich grows economies, creates jobs, and provides incredible revenue streams to invest in much-needed state programs.

Of course, the thirty year experiment in ‘trickle down’ economics is a monumental failure, and there are no better examples than most Republican-led states suffering massive debt, job losses, and revenue shortfalls affecting everything from education funding to road repair. Conversely, there are just as many examples of Democratic-controlled states that rejected Republican economics and raised taxes to increase revenue, create jobs, reduce deficits, and allow for investment in areas important to the people; roads, schools, law enforcement, healthcare and social services for the people.

For example, main stream media is deliberately concealing several Republican-controlled states that drastically cut taxes for the rich that led to unsustainable debt and deficits leading to greater cuts in education, services, transportation, healthcare, and lost jobs. The same Republican states, like Koch Republicans in Congress, have either proposed, or are already, increasing taxes on the poor and middle class to increase tax relief for the rich and still are suffering revenue shortfalls.

Just a sampling of Republican-controlled states that cut taxes for the rich leading to budget deficits are; New Jersey – $2.7 billion deficit, Pennsylvania – $1 billion deficit, Kansas – $1 billion deficit, Wisconsin – $2.2 billion budget deficit, Arizona – $1.5 billion deficit, Alaska – $3.5 billion deficit, Alabama -$950 million deficit, Louisiana – $1.6 billion deficit, Alabama – $700 million deficit, Michigan – $454 million deficit, North Carolina – $445 million deficit, and Oklahoma – $600 million deficit. Now, none of these numbers are theoretical, conjecture, or ideological; they are hard numbers that main stream media cannot be bothered to report on the national level any more than the overwhelming economic successes being experienced in Democratic-led states like California.

After twelve years of Republican economics in California, the state was left with a $42 billion deficit and high unemployment with massive program and social service cuts unable to save the state’s economic demise. As is usually the case on the national level, the people elected a Democratic governor and legislature that went to the people for permission to raise taxes and save the economy. The people had the same sentiment the recent AP/GfK poll revealed most Americans have and they voted to raise taxes and the results are indisputable; and not reported by the main stream media. California’s deficit is falling rapidly, the state is investing in education, law enforcement, healthcare, road repair, social services, leading the nation in jobs created, and posting a $4 billion budget surplus this year.

This economic success should be the leading economic news across the nation and yet, even in most California media the reports are that Obama and Democrats are intent on continuing to destroy the nation’s economy, and jobs, by proposing higher taxes on the very richest Americans. Sadly, even low-intellect Californians beholden to bible-conservative ideology believe the media and oppose the same Democratic economic policies they are benefitting from; more jobs, services, greater healthcare access, more law enforcement, and social services that are the reason they flock to the Golden State to receive. Part and parcel of the dumbing down of Americans is due to conservative media that is likely the only ‘education’ stupid California transplants, like the Confederate states they left, will ever  experience.

Many Americans are perplexed by idiot voters’ habit of perpetually electing Republicans to enact economic policies that are detrimental to their supporters’ self-interests. It is likely it is because the stupid have no idea that there are proven economic successes in Democratically-controlled states the media never reports any more than the Republican failures ravaging red state economies across the nation.

Republicans are responsible for the gross income inequality killing off the middle class and sending poor people deeper into poverty, but they would not have such an easy time without a willing media facilitating enactment of failed Republican economic policies. The sad fact is that journalists would not have to explain anything to their audience; just provide a list of red states in economic distress and blue states experiencing budget surpluses, job growth, and increased services. However, that would entail contradicting Republicans. If Americans have learned anything over the past decade, it is that the media will not do anything contrary to the whims and wishes of their Republican masters because it would mean afflicting the comfortable.

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  1. “Alabama -$950 million deficit, Louisiana – $1.6 billion deficit, Alabama – $700 million deficit”

    you listed Alabama twice

  2. The TEA/KKK/pseudo-American party is dead-set on not passing any legislation bnefitting the general public, the middle class and the nation! So I will list these: Killed programs:

    The DREAM Act
    The DISCLOSE Act
    The Paycheck Fairness Act
    The Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act
    The Emergency Senior Citizens Relief Act
    The Creating American Jobs and Ending Offshoring Act
    The American Jobs Act
    The Buffet Rule
    Teacher and Responders Back to Work Act
    Repeal Big Oil Tax Subsidies Act
    The Manchin-Toomey Background Checks
    The Keep Student Loans Affordable Act
    The Bring Jobs Home Act
    The Small Business Jobs and Tax Relief Act
    The Student Loan Affordability Act

  3. I think many in the media have a vested interest in not showing the difference in democratic and GOP/TP state and federal governance. If they show how CA turned things around under Gov. Brown by increasing taxes a bit on the state’s wealthiest citizens, their own incomes would be in danger. I think we have the same problem in Congress, mainly on the GOP/TP side of the aisle. They know most Americans have no problem with increasing taxes on the wealthy, but they ignore us because voting to increase taxes on them would mean they’d have to pay more themselves. When they rant and rage against raising taxes on the wealthiest Americans and vote against all bills meant to do so, they’re voting in their own interest, not ours. Wealthy GOP/TPers in Congress are protecting their own wealth. Why more Americans don’t realize that this is why a bill raising taxes on our wealthiest citizens can never make it through this Congress for this very reason confounds and frustrates me.

  4. Soon Illinois will join the loser ranks. Bruce Rauner BOUGHT the office of governor for himself. He will take $1 a year paycheck, he claims. However, he set his wife up in a lucrative paid position, fired the previous Democratic governor’s aides and brought in his own at significant increase in pay. He is presently dismantling any unions, and callig for charter schools. His own daughter failed the entrance exam for one elite high school. Along came Brucie, made a large donation, and voila! his daughter got smarter and was accepted. Just the way the Bush family got their offspring into the Ivy League schools.

  5. Unfortunately, our country has been dumbed down for decades now by the repugs and the religious right. It is in their best interests to have racist, misogynistic,freedom hating policies take over the country. I have never witnessed so much hate. Of course the media is a huge part of it. Look at who their bosses are. If the repugs presided over this kind of a recovery they would all be peeing their pants. But wait the economy never does good under them, does it? It would not even take too much effort for the media to tell the truth. Most of them should work for national enquirer. None of them have our countries best interests at heart.

  6. Government is the counterbalance to business, not its wet nurse. They don’t want you to remember that.
    PBS was formed to provide an alternative to for-profit TV.

  7. The only thing the gotp is interested in is:

    Thats it.

  8. You nailed it. Fox is not alone in it’s unabashed love affair with anything called business as this article points out.

  9. U.S. Corporate Media (the M$M) have always been antagonistic or negative toward the Democratic Party.

    They pound the Republican message during those times most Americans have time to catch the news – like weekends. Even in journalism, it’s location! Location! Location! Ever notice how Republicans outnumber Democrats/Liberals 3 to 1 on those weekend shows?

    The U.S. Media also gave President Obama, a sitting president, the least favorable coverage during the 2012 presidential election cycle according to a 2012 study by the Project for Excellence in Journalism (PEW).

    “From Jan. 2 through April 15, Romney’s coverage was 39 percent positive, 32 percent negative, and 29 percent neutral, the researchers found. Obama’s coverage was 18 percent positive, 34 percent negative, and 34 percent neutral. That means Romney’s depiction by the media was more than twice as positive.”

  10. And that’s why Republicans in Congress wanted to defund PBS. They can’t win elections when propaganda doesn’t back them up, and PBS was a thorn in their side, hence the “kill Big Bird” meme back then.

  11. The one thing that hopefully will save us in Illinois is Gov. Romney-type does not have a rubber stamped G.O.P House and Senate. Here there is a veto proof Democratic majority.I think gov Romney-Type is in for a BIG surprise.

  12. Wealthy GOP/TPers in Congress are protecting their own wealth.

    The boobs in the Republican base admire rich people because it’s obvious that if you’re rich, you can push people around. Especially smart people. Smartypantses, we hates them!
    So they identify with the rich. Whatever rich people like, they like, too, even if it reams them personally right up to the tonsils.
    Identity politics – you don’t need to think about issues, just pretend you’re magically on the same team as rich, corrupt, powerful people and vote for whatever they want. Even if they think you’re the equivalent of peasant swine, suitable for riding roughshod over and beating with sticks.

  13. They don’t call it the liberal media for nothing. Doh! Wait a minute, you’re not saying that Republicans call it that to make people think it’s progressive when it really isn’t, are you? That would be like blaming President Obama for the soaring Bush deficit. Oh wait, they’re doing that too.

  14. I wonder if Dimples will keep his word, and only serve one term? He has his wife ensconced in a well paid position, so it does not matter if he does not get paid. I was really upset when he “won” the election. He used millions of his own money, but no doubt has plans to get it back with his policies that help his wealthy friends.

  15. I encourage all to read “BULLS, BEARS AND THE BALLOT BOX.” Reveals in chart form as well as narrative the past eighty years of Presidential terms. Forty years Republican and forty years Democrat.

  16. The more shit stirred up about President Obama, the more shit the media will eagerly report.

    It’s called job security.

  17. I am pretty sure either way he will be a one term governor. Mike Madagin has the power to make his life a living hell. He wants his daughter Lisa to be the next governor.

  18. any news with honest factual reporting is considered “liberal” media

    Celebrities who voice their honest opinions are lumped together as liberal Hollywood.

    The consertative media doesn’t want you to know the truth.

  19. Republicans love running state budget deficits
    New Jersey – $2.7 billion deficit
    Pennsylvania – $1 billion deficit
    Kansas – $1 billion deficit
    Wisconsin – $2.2 billion budget deficit
    Arizona – $1.5 billion deficit
    Alaska – $3.5 billion deficit
    Alabama – $950 million deficit
    Louisiana – $1.6 billion deficit
    Alabama – $700 million deficit
    Michigan – $454 million deficit
    North Carolina – $445 million deficit
    Oklahoma – $600 million deficit

    Democrats love running state budget surpluses
    California $4.2 billion SURPLUS

    California’s debt was caused by years of republican tax-cuts followed by borrowing and spending beginning with governor Reagan’s trickle-down scheme.
    With Surplus in Hand, California Eyes Debt

  20. All the GOP governors want to get out of the education business so they can stay in office.

    An uneducated populace is easier to decive and manipulate.

    The legacy of California liberal governor Pat Brown 1959 – 1967
    Pat Brown’s legacy includes
    Fair Housing act, Fair Employment Act, Master Plan for Higher Education, Highway Expansion, The California Aqueduct
    Pat Brown taxed everyone, citizens and corporations, fairly
    Due to his legacy, California public schools were the envy of the nation, then came governor Reagan….

    Conservatism Linked to Lack of Education

  21. The press/media not only hide important facts from the American people, they are now reporting daily, constant middle east Isis propaganda to convince the American people that another war is necessary. Lying has become the hallmark of this country. If you’re not a blatant liar, you’re un-American.

  22. Ironically, none of this is ‘news’ to anyone on social media. Perhaps politicususa should turn off the television more often.

  23. Rick folks and really, really rich folks have a ton of loopholes to write off crap. Sure the Kochs give to charities, but they write that off. Raising taxes on the rich won’t cause them any pain. Raise taxes on the middle class or poor and we can’t pay college tuition, buy “organic” food – or any kind of food, or just not have to live from paycheck to paycheck. Middle class incomes have stagnated since Reagan. President Obama has been pounding on this since 2007. The Republicans know this to be true. But they don’t care. People just can’t comprehend that Republicans just don’t care.

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